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Michelle O'Rourke

Senior Account Manager

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About Michelle

What do you do at Woodrow Mercer? 

I’m an Account Manager at Woodrow Mercer which involves working very varied IT roles, often in very tight time scales. I enjoy the variety and the pace of work that it entails. There’s a real gratification in getting to know new people, gaining a true understanding of what is important to them in their next career move, which I think is one of the reasons I’ve been in the industry so long.  I’m also fridge police for the office, I’m always keeping on top of the use-by date items in the fridge making sure they are still fit for human consumption! These young professionals forget to throw stuff out Haha😝


What are the core areas you recruit for? 

If its IT, it can be covered by me. I have over the years been a specialist. It has also helped with my knowledge of what our customers look for


What do you enjoy about working for Woodrow Mercer Tech? What do you enjoy most about working in recruitment?

Woodrow Mercer has in my 20 years career been the best company yet. I started when there was just 5 of us, having come from a big corporate, I knew I needed a small flexible working environment who would value and support my way of working. That was what I found with Woodrow…. and more! It’s a fantastic place to work, we do work hard, we are passionate about making sure that the experience of working with Woodrow Mercer is a good one. We try set realistic achievable targets and we are rewarded well for meeting them. Now a much larger business but still the feel of a small set up as each and every person is important.

What are your interests outside of work?

At the grand age of 44 with a 3 year old son, outside the office my life is pretty hectic and yet so much fun. I love the great outdoors so whether that be in the park with my son or walking with Friends I enjoy the fresh air and nature. Life is all about balance and being grateful every day for all the great things we have.


What your teammates say about you?

Michelle sets the bar high for recruitment, with 20 years’ experience.  She is one of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure of working with, and a kind heart. The office is always a more vibrant place, whilst keeping a tidy office and clean Fridge, there will never be dirty cups lying around on Michelle’s watch! Fantastic host to our events, infectious smile, welcoming energy, and never let our guests glasses go empty. Not only is Michelle a great colleague, but a good friend who is always on stand by with a listening ear and great advice.

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What they say about us

I have worked both alongside Michelle and externally now being her client. She is a fantastic and genuine recruiter. She always goes the extra mile working overtime to ensure that both candidates and client are informed and happy.

In House Recruitment Manager | Client of Michelle O'Rourke

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