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Anthony Speed

Senior Accounts Manager

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About Anthony

What do you do at Woodrow Mercer? 

I am a Senior Account Manager covering recruitment for all types of technology related roles. I pride myself in giving both a first class delivery to designated clients ensuring they get an excellent tailored service, and making sure the candidates I work with have an awesome journey through the recruitment process so they can secure their dream role.  I’m also a co-organiser for several of the tech meetups that Woodrow Mercer either runs or sponsors including QA Babble, Midstest and Tech heads.  I find that being integrated in these communities beyond my working day helps give me an edge to enable myself to best understand both client and candidate needs.


What are the core areas you recruit for? 

I first started doing recruitment in 2007 and focussed solely on software testing.  As my experience and knowledge grew I adapted with an everchanging landscape to encompass all other areas of technology be it development, technical support, agile or pretty much anything else you can think of in the tech spectrum.  For me one of the most rewarding things in my job is the relationships I am able to build with my clients, understanding how they work and what candidates are right for them.  Moving into a more account management focussed role has given me the scope to really hone in and specialise in those areas further.


What do you enjoy about working for Woodrow Mercer Tech? What do you enjoy most about working in recruitment?

Prior to joining Woodrow Mercer Tech I did 10 years at another recruitment company and decided I both needed a break and a change of scenery.  So after a very awesome 6 month summer break I put some feelers out there with the intent of being very selective about who I wanted to work with next, (anyone who has ever worked in recruitment for a reasonable amount of time will know you get inundated with opportunities😃). 


Through word of mouth and research I found myself interviewing with Woodrow Mercer and I immediately know it was the right company for me.  I consider myself a people person and everyone I interviewed with was inspiring, in tune with the market and basically seemed like really nice fun people.  Upon joining the company I found that my gut feeling was correct.  It’s a fun environment with some truly great characters whereby at the same time you are treated like an adult and given both the scope and support to maximise your potential!

What are your interests outside of work?

I’m a massive gamer be it console or PC😃!  I also like to keep up to date with the best TV shows and anime.  Basically I’m the guy in the office whereby if you are looking for a new show to watch I will knew what to recommend!


What your teammates say about you?

I have worked with Anthony at 2 companies now, in fact you could say “he’s so good, I worked with him twice!”. He is an amazing recruiter; personable, thorough and incredibly dedicated to doing the best job he can. He is also a phenomenal team player – going the extra mile, not only for his candidates and clients, but for his colleagues too... he is also an exceptional baker. Anthony is an expert technical recruiter, but he has the tenacity to translate his recruitment expertise to any surrounding roles – and not only that, he does it well! Honest, hard-working, reliable and driven - I think the world of recruitment could do with a few more Anthony Speed’s!

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What they say about us

I have recently worked with Anthony in recruiting QA candidates within my team. He was very proactive and communication all round was great. He took the time to understand our brief and found the right candidates. I would definitely recommend him as someone to rely on!

QA Leader | Client of Anthony Speed

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